Prayer requests list 18th October 2015

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanks giving, let your requests be made known to God”. Philippians 4:6

For knowledge and wisdom from heaven to the believers who are involved in studies. Immanuel, Silas, Simeon, Nirmal, Samuel, Ruth, Reuel, Ruben, Sanish, Samsher and Yamuna.

Prayer for all saints of Bashan Prayer House spiritual growth and continuation of Lord’s Table.

Prayer Requests:

Elim Prayer House found new place for fellowship please pray for new place.

Aunty Sarita Rai needs to get day off on Sunday so that she can attend sewa please pray.

Uncle Gad applied job in Reading Buses please pray that he may get job in time.

Bro Nathaniel doing retest of physical fitness for his army please pray for him. 

Please pray for Uncle Tanka Rai heath that Lord may heal him.

Please pray for babu James that he may get good result to get into Reading Boys School.

Please pray for Joyti aunty for her eye treatment on 12th of October 2015.

Please pray for babu John’s health that he may be fully healed.

Please pray for Mohn Tamang for his Visa.

Please pray for sis Parisma Lawati for her spiritual life.

Please pray for Bashan youth brothers & sisters starting their universities, Lord give them wisdom for their studies & give growth in spiritual life too.

Uncle Joshep house in Nepal need to maintained please pray for it.

Please pray for health speedy recover of Ashley Johnson & Edwin Da Silva.

Please pray for youth’s Spiritual growth.

Please pray for weekly messenger that Lord may fill them with his wisdom.

Elim Prayer House established on 9th of May please continue to pray.

Khem uncle’s family and Nabin health and wellbeing.

Tabita and Asmita sis visa hearing and health wellbeing.

Bishal also going through army selection. Please pray.

Khum and Jeewan Abraham uncle’s brothers saved in Lord please pray. Prayers for silas in Nepal.

Please pray for Vobi Thapa, she wants to believes Lord.

Please pray for uncle Jewan for his health.

Please pray for Titus uncle’s health.

Sis Partigya has submitted her document in home office, please pray for her document process to be quick.

Bro Nathanial has to conform his date for Army please pray for that.

Please pray for Caleb Rai uncle’s back pain to be healed 100%.

Lydia L. abdominal pain.

Travel Prayer Requests:

Bro Utshab is travelling to UK today please pray for his safe journey.

Sis Merry is travelling to UK with her daughter please pray for safe fight.

Uncle Nahim Sunuwar travelling to Nepal & uncle Abraham Sunuwar travelling to Nepal too please pray for their safe journey.

Thank you prayers:

Thank you for prayer bro Michael got Visa & continue to pray for him to get flight ticket.

Thank you for prayer that Uncle Abraham’s mum Visa got granted for UK.

Thank you for prayer Uncle Yam & Uncle Bom family came safely from Nepal.

Bro Silas L. came safely to UK last Sunday, thank you for prayer.

Bada Ashman reach safely to his place and all his spiritual work done to Bashan Prayer House.

Tabita and Asmita sis got Their visa praise the Lord.

16th May Sunday School day was successful thank you for prayer.

Nathanial and Partigya Holy Matrimony was success, please pray for their newly married life.

From Titus uncle’s family for the new house.

Nathaniel successful army selection.

Sarah aunty and Elisha felt good.

Lower abdominal pain relieved 99% Lazarus uncle.

Deborah bhauju got Visa.


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